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Beth's Musical style is a fusion of Singer-Songwriter and Americana. With clever meaningful lyrics, infectious hooks and powerhouse vocals, she has been compared to Joni Mitchell, Eva Cassidy, Aretha Franklin, Sheryl Crow, and others. 

A Multi Award Nominated Singer-Songwriter, Beth has recorded 5 Studio Albums, Showcased/Performed at numerous famous venues such as The Bluebird Cafe, Nashville's CMA Fan Fair X 2013 & 2015, Sunfest, Midem Music Conference (France), and has been a finalist in the USA Christmas Songwriting Competition, Canadian Songwriting Competition, NewSong Songwriting Competition, and many more. 

Most recently Beth's song 'Jaded Heart' was nominated for a 2022 International Acoustic Music Award for 'Best Country/Bluegrass' (Jaded Heart available Fall 2022). In July Beth released 'Life Before You' - the first of 6 New Songs to come out under her name in 5 years. Beth's unreleased song 'Hindsight' (coming fall 2022) earned her a Semi Finalist spot in the coveted Unsigned Only Artist Competition this summer.  Beth just released her second single "Better Together" August.26 2022 .

"Sometimes you come across an Artist who can move you with their voice and take you places with their songwriting. Someone who gives you goosebumps when you get the chance to see them live. I have always strived to be that kind of Artist, and take it as the highest compliment when someone tells me I moved them to tears - or it felt like I was singing their story. That's everything." - BMA

When Beth isn't working on her own music she is writing with other Artists and has had songs recorded by The Heels, Sherry Lynn, Emily Taylor Adams, Olivia Rose, Melissa Megan, Alessia Cohle, Mikayla Joy, Lisa Nicole, Sky Wyatt, Chris Ising and others.  

Full Biography

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Canada, a young Beth started writing poems when she was as young as 8 years old, which turned into writing short stories and eventually into writing songs!  After taking voice lessons in grade 12, She landed one of the Lead Roles in a Bard To Broadway Musical production when she was 18 and dove into Musical Theatre, performing in 5 Musicals and Operas over the next few years. From there she headed to The Royal Conservatory of Music in Victoria to pursue Classical Voice and Performance.  It was here that she had to make a choice; continue training to be an Opera Singer, or pursue writing and performing her Own Music.


In 2009 Beth headed to Nashville where she recorded her first Album at the Famous Dark Horse Recording Studio. She co-wrote for the first time with hit writers Grady Walker and Marc Alan Barnette and fell in love with Music City.  Upon her 2010 release of ‘Open Road’  Beth performed at Sunfest Music Festival, sharing the stage with Johnny Reid, Jessie Farrell, and others. Beth was nominated for ’Song of The Year’ for her song 'Fallen Angel' at the 2012 Vancouver Island Music Awards.


Through 2011-2013 Beth travelled to Nashville multiple times a year writing and recording music, playing shows and developing her musical chops. She released her first Christmas song ‘Merry Christmas To Me’, which was picked up for two CD compilations for the troops overseas and was re-recorded by Grand Ole Opry performer Sherry Lynn. Beth shared the stage with Trooper, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Victoria Banks, Michelle Wright, Patricia Conroy, and Roger Cook, and had song holds with Major Label artists like LeAnn Rimes, Sarah Evans, and Pam Tillis.  In 2013 Beth released her 2nd Album ‘Let It Go’ and was nominated for ‘Female Vocalist of the Year’ at the BareBones Music Awards and was selected as an Emerging Artist Exhibitor at the CMA Fan Fair X in Nashville where she did 8 hours of meet & greets and met over 3,000 new fans over a 4 day period. To top that trip off, she made her debut at the legendary Bluebird Cafe. 


Through 2014—2017 Beth was blessed with many musical Opportunities. She worked as the Music Director at the Tim Hortons Children’s Camp in Kentucky, was selected as a Finalist in the ’NewSong International Songwriting Competition’, beating out thousands of Artists all around the world for 1 of the 10 spots, was selected as a Semi Finalist in the ‘Unsigned Only’ Artist competition, and was awarded a grant from FACTOR Canada. In 2015 Beth released her 3rd Album ‘Be Brave’, and was selected again as an Emerging Artist Exhibitor at the 2015 CMA Fan Fair X in Nashville. She showcased at the SML Songwriting Festival in Virginia, and had several songs recorded by artists across North America. Beth was a finalist in the 2017 Canadian Songwriting Competition with ‘Grow Up’ (co-written and performed by Melissa Megan), and their song earned them an honourable mention. Also in 2017, Beth released her 4th Album ‘Christmas With You’, and completed a 16 date Christmas tour on Vancouver Island.


2018 saw Beth as a finalist again in the Canadian Songwriting Competition with ‘Dirty Little Secret’ (co-written with Faith Numada) and her album ‘Christmas With You’ was nominated for ‘Best Holiday Album’ at the 2018 L.A Critic Awards. Beth was a finalist in the 2019 USA Christmas Songwriting Competition with ‘Merry Christmas To Me’ (co-written with Doug Folkins) and their song was picked for the annual CD compilation. 


2021 was a big year for Beth! She recorded her 5th Album with Jordan Pritchett and welcomed her first Child, Grace, in early June.  Also in June, Beth’s talented friends and co-writers ’The Heels’ released their co-written song ‘High Heels On’ from their Album ‘I Am’, which charted at #20 on CBC Sirius XM 171. In August another friend and co-writer Lisa Nicole released their co-written song ‘Dear Mama’ from her Album ‘Where Wild Hearts Beat’.  In February 2022 Beth’s unreleased song ‘Jaded Heart’ was nominated for an International Acoustic Music Award in the Country/Bluegrass category. In April 2022 good friend & co-writer Emily Taylor Adams released her Album ‘Illuminate’, which features 5 songs co-written with Beth (Runaway Train, I'm Your Girl, Leave The Light On, Glows In The Dark, and Let It Rain). Beth was selected as a Semi-Finalist in the Unsigned Only Artist Competition for her unreleased song 'Hindsight', coming fall of 2022.


You can find Beth’s newest single ‘Better Together’, along with July's single 'Life Before You,' everywhere now! 

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